Feature Request to mark content as outdated or historical

I’m currently crossing a major transportation project here at the moment where a road is being lowered to become an underpass while bridges/intersections are constructed over it including a rail bridge over the whole lot.
Lots of commercial and residential properties were acquired and cleared to widen the roads. Temporary roads and roundabouts were constructed while work was done and some of those detours no longer exist.

Example: Port Road and South Road, South Australia.

Once the project is complete there will be images which will be showing the opposite direction of the current road and with a view of things that no longer exist including temporary signs which are no longer there. It would be good if images/sequences/time periods could be marked as no longer current or for historical value only so they aren’t used as a reference like OpenStreetMap where the database is always based on the present.

Note: I have been doing some updates to OSM in this area based on my latest tracking from Mapillary.


yes, an ‘outdated’ tag could work for some sequences, but most sequences also cover regular unchanged situations. So then we should tag only the individual images within a sequence that are outdated which is quite a work if we have to do that image by image.

Maybe we can select a start image A and end image B within a sequence and only tag those as ‘outdated’.


I have heard that they are working in the background at some tagging feature. I have also made some myself, but I am waiting for them to fix a bug in their oauth implementation. But yes, content will be outdated with time and the current model of just stuffing all images into the same space will not work forever.


Thank you, @tryl. I was wondering that myself. In most domains if the data isn’t fresh, it needs to be tucked away somewhere else. In the case of this photo mapping, this will be more and more needed with time.