Share link with direction for 360 imagery

How to share a link to a 360 image with a particular direction?

You can use the URL displayed in the browser location bar. If it’s too long for your taste, then you can strip some parameters (lat, lng…), but keep at least pKey, focus=photo, x and y.

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Thanks for your answer, but it doesn’t seem to work with an embedded link like :

The params “x” and “y” are for sharing the exact camera heading in the URL. These parameters only exist in Mapillary and are not supported in the Mapillary embed yet.

Is this planned for the near future?
Very usefull for embed code/iframe.

If you use it in the OSM Mapillary key value,
won’t people as
cut it short ?

We’ve now added support for making an 360 embed with a camera direction: new embed codes from the “Sharing” popup will contain the heading in the URL.