Resuming interrupted upload script?

So I use Terminal in Ubuntu to run a bash file to process and upload my photos. My internet connection is not super fast, and when I’m uploading 6500 photos, it takes awhile.

Sometimes I forget that I’m running the upload process in a Terminal window in the background, and I close my laptop, interrupting the upload. Sometimes, when I wake my laptop, the upload resumes. Other times it doesn’t (or maybe I just don’t wait long enough). Is there some way to continue the upload without starting it over from the beginning?

(That also involves removing the uploaded images from the website, moving the images out of the “success” folder, and so on, so if I can avoid that, it would be great.)

The script moves the pictures to another folder when they have been successfuly sent. So it’s not a problem to relaunch the script. Or you use another script ?

I’m using, which should work the same. I hadn’t thought that if I stop the script it would start the same upload sequence. I figured it would create a new upload group, just using the pictures left, and because it doesn’t upload sequentially, that wouldn’t work too well. I may test this out, though.

@pkoby I got this tip for you from @yubin: try, that way the sequence information will be preserved even after the script is stopped accidentally.

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