Request: Filtering the map by camera direction

I’m often a passenger and have taken to holding the camera to the passenger side window and grabbing some snaps of my town, which doesn’t yet have much imagery. The problem is, once the images have been added, it’s difficult to see where I have and haven’t been with the camera facing forwards, which is arguably far more important.

I guess the same issue would apply to other directions if I was gathering forward facing pictures.

Would it be possible to filter the tracks on the map by the app’s reported camera direction?

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should be theoretically possible, but considering the backlog of features, wouldn’t expect it any time soon.
you could try simply zooming in and panning, as direction cones should then show up

I did have a little think about this. Each route segment has an implicit direction, so it ought to be possible to compare that with the image direction and make an OsmDroid base layer that either only shows or hides side images. This method wouldn’t work with forward/backwards though.