Keep screen on and give me filters in the app

So I was out doing some capturing and I have my phone up in front of me so I can see where imagery is needed while I zoom around Boston on my scooter with the camera on my helmet and I have two HUGE wish list items for the Mobile app:

  1. Add filters (like the web page has) in the app’s map view so I can filter by 360 camera views, and freshness. I need a view on the app that shows me what streets need imagery and since I’m using the 360 camera (which is better than all directional cameras) I don’t want to see the directional pictures on the map. I also want to see the age of the photos so I know to ad new pictures to streets with old photos. This all needs to be displayed in a quick and easy manner so I can glance down at the map and see what street I should turn down next.

  2. Keep the screen on. When I start up google maps in navigation mode it keeps the screen on. I need Mapillary’s app to be able to do that.

  3. Extra credit!!! Have a mode that you tell the app how long you have to capture and it will create a route for you that will hit all the most needed streets. Note: I looked at the “missions” and each mission is very small and I have already captured in the areas marked and they are still marked.


Thanks for your message.

  1. Filters: we’re working on filters, they will be in the app, just a bit later.

  2. Screen on. Do you mean screen on while capturing? The app should keep the screen on when the camera is capturing. I assume you mean iOS app (based on the section), thus @Anders any thoughts on this.

  3. Suggestions. Oh yeah, that will be a killer feature :slight_smile: I even think we’ve discussed something similar. @boris this one is for you.

BR, Yaro

A couple additional thoughts @OldManCelli:

  1. As a workaround for now, you should be able to use to see this.

  2. Are you talking about keeping screen on while capturing, or in general while the app is open (are you using the explore screen to see where captures exist and that’s where you want the screen to remain on?)

  3. Yes, this would be an awesome feature, agreed :slight_smile: You can do this to some extent today by enabling the Street-level imagery layer in OSMAnd and planning a route there (screenshot below).

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FYI, we also just posted a blog post about how a bicyclist was solving a similar problem in Brussels and mapped the whole city (!) A One-Man Mission to Map Brussels, Belgium

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@OldManCelli Since you tagged the post with iOS, you can access the age filter already in the current version. Simply tap the clock icon top left in the Explore view.

The layering seems to be wrong. Green sequences should be on top, red on bottom.

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Thanks for all the replies - OK, let me try to respond to all of them:

  1. Yes, I see now that I can click on the clock to show what streets have older or newer data, but I see a few issues with this:
    a) As eserte stated it looks like the order of the layers is wrong. Green should be on top and orange should go on top of red. I’m seeing one road that looks orange even though I mapped it a few weeks ago because my green sequence is under the orange.
    b) I’d like to be able to not see red and orange. Basically set something to only show stuff that is “new” (like you can do with the web page).
    c) I also need to know what sequences are 360. If someone recorded a sequence of directional photos last week I’d still rather recapture that street with a 360 camera if I’m in the area.

  2. What I’m looking for is a mode where I can just look at the map while I drive around. Since I’m capturing with a 360 camera I’m not using the app to capture. Instead I’m capturing with the camera while I look at the iOS mapillary map to determine where to go. I’d love to be able to switch something to make it not go to sleep while I’m looking at the map AND I want the map to stay centered on me while I move. Currently I think the map stays and I have to drag it to recenter me.

  3. I will give OSMAnd a look and see if it helps! Thanks Boris.

Ah - Komoot is good for planning - I will give that a try. Someone must have a route planner that tries to get the greatest coverage of roads in an area. What a cool project that would be!

Got it, these requests make a lot of sense @OldManCelli - we’ll add them to our backlog - thank you!