Recommended workflow for re-uploading a sequence with better geotagging?

Hello everybody

I’m using a conventional digital photocamera to capture pictures for Mapillary. Accidentally, I uploaded pictures which were tagged by the not-so-good interal GPS of the camera because I forgot to tag them using my external GPS logger, which was running at that time.

Affected are these 3 sequences:

What would be the recommended workflow to remove these sequences and re-upload the sequence with the improved tagging?

And just for the sake of interest: What would be the workflow to completely remove picture that were never meant to be published as fast and definitive as possible?


Are you sure you didn’t meant to post those sequences in Awesome sequences? beautiful photos you made there.

Short answer to your question: You can’t.

Long anwser:
Atm there are some problems with the way change sets are handled, so you can’t put more than 100 changes in one change set.
You can ask to hide the whole sequence via the edit page and then re-upload, but that won’t work with change sets bigger than 100 photos. The good news however is that they are reworking the way change sets are handled. So you may have to wait for that or maybe one of the devs has a better solution.

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@de_vries: Thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile: Feel free to post sequences of mine there. The whole Tusheti region is quite spectacular.

Let’s wait and see what comes up regarding the handling of sequences…

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Is there any news regarding the limitations of sequences with more than 100 pictures?