Queue length and processing time?

Is there a way to see the current queue length and how long it will take to process the current queue? There used to be a status page for this (Mapillary Status Page). I’ve had “Pending images: 6303” in my feed for a few days now, and the number does not change. I don’t want to upload the next batch until I have no more pending so I know if images have disappeared.

Hi Jpenny - I am not with Mapillary but in my experience, a delay of up to one week is normal, sometimes more in the last few months. The images showing as pending is a good sign that they haven’t disappeared. You can continue to upload imagery, it will eventually show in the map. There are a number of IA and people verifying imagery and some changes are apparently being made behind the scenes.

I understand your frustration but it will eventually be solved :wink: