Problem importing full 64GB SD-Card from LG360 to iOS App

Hi, I’m trying to import pictures from a full 64GB SD-Card in my LG360 camera into my iPhone SE with 64GB memory :wink:

There was no error message - It just did not import one single image but just reported something like “all images imported, you may now upload them to mapillary”. I am now copying smaller amounts to another SD card and retry to import them into the iOS app.

First insight: It’s not missing memory on the iPhone. I have the same problem when I try to import the SD card into an iPad with 74GB free memory.

Second insight: It also doesn’t work with 50GB in 10100 files.

Is there an upper limit of files I can import in one session?

Third insight: Import works when I copy small amounts of files on another SD-card and then import them via the LG360° camera.

But: Use the same file system for both SD-cards or the timestamps are not read correctly and so the position cannot be determined correctly by the app…