Polygons. trimming overview

I noticed in the new version of the application such a nuance. It can be understood if the car hood, mirrors, etc. are cut. But then I take it off the bike …
What’s the point?

oh yeah, what is this? I’ve noticed this on some bike sequences

Does it look correct on the web? Do you have a link or a pKey we can investigate?

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I’ve only seen such behaviour on the web, see eg saVqsK0LA3Kmg8sfdvKpHg and next ones.
seems like a SfM bug

Thank’s I’ll forward the info.

In the desktop version, everything is displayed correctly. In the mobile version, you can take any sequence, now the defect is in most.

Can you share a link to a sequence?

I apologize! The above, here- https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/1zi_zmPAQHPoT3ci5vSseg

strange, looks fine on the web for me

And here- https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/afZVIeNyESHNOdMA_sNf-w

Same here, look fine?

my previously shared image seems to be gone with that pKey, but that one was reproducible on the web

Now the same problem has appeared in the desktop version of the site. But by moving the image with the mouse the defect disappears.