Photos from airplanes

I’ve read somewhere, that Mapillary doesn’t welcome photos from airplanes. I’ve got a nice series of photos that show the landing of a KLM Boeing on Pulkovo airport in Saint Petersburg. I know how to geotag those photos quite exactly. Also photos from the flight from Amsterdam to St Petersburg have quality and I know where the airplane was on the map when I took the pictures. Is because of the often lacking geotagging or because of other reasons, that airplane photos are unwelcome?

The benefit of pictures from the air is maybe not so big if your goal is to make a 3D model of streetlevel.
Pictures from runways and taxiways is of course interesting and there are some exemples on Mapillary

@TxllxT, I’d say @Harry is quite on spot here. Our essence is street-level imagery which is why we also tell e.g. drone mappers that their photos are most welcome if they have been taken relatively low. Otherwise there is nothing to connect to other images and, as Harry said, use in 3D reconstruction.

I understand. Still I think the runway of airports can be interesting for the Mapillary intentions. I noticed that the new gigantic building of Pulkovo airport, Saint Petersburg is still unbuild on the Mapillary map… Doesn’t matter, it will be there some day.

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That is exactly what @katrin and I say :slight_smile: runwas are interesting.please upload

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