Перевод приложения (Translation of the application)

Предлагаю заняться переводом приложения на русский язык, посредством https://www.transifex.com, у них интересная иерархия, в полне можно организовать перевод на несколько языков. (I propose to translate the application into Russian, by means of “https: //www.transifex.com”, they have an interesting hierarchy, in full you can organize translation into several languages.)

Thanks! We already have language support on the iOS app but not yet Android. When we start supporting it on Android too, then this is definitely something to look into.

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I talked with Peter, he promised when the file for translation would be ready, he would give me for translation, here the site is designed to translate different sections of the application into different languages, the very idea is very interesting.

When there is an opportunity I’m ready to help with the translation, there is an experience of translation from Polish and English to Russian technical documentation.

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Also there you can organize the translation of the web site.

After 2 years, is there any news about Android application localization? A community is ready to start translation at any moment.

those of you with the Android app and looking for Ru locale check out 4PDA