Release notes for the apps

Hi all, I was just wondering if there is a page with release notes for each app version/platform?

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For iOS I write them down here. It’s not available from the website or app though (not yet anyway).

For Android I don’t know, ping @rsahlin or @peter

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This is great. I’d very much like to see release notes of the Android app too.

As for the iOS release notes, the GDoc currently requires requesting access. If that’s on purpose then good, if not, then you might want to change it to e.g. accessible with the (cryptic) URL. If not public.

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Sorry had the wrong security settings, should be good now! I.e. anyone with the link should be able to view them. Would be nice to perhaps incorporate them into the app too.

Thanks. This is really great! I also think that release notes don’t really need to be accessible through an app. It might well be more clutter than good. And those who are really interested will find them through the app’s website anyways. (Call me old fashioned if you want.)

Now, a question from a totally non-iOS person:
I haven’t seen any references to using Mapillary with an iPad. So, will it work on them? If so, what version(s)? And does someone know or be willing to take a guess about how long the possibly multiple iPad versions that currently work with Mapillary might also work with them in the future. The older iPads, that is.

The reason I’m asking is that I’ve been thinking of getting a smaller tablet and while having used Androids since their arrival I’ve thought that maybe I should have one iOS device. And I really wouldn’t want to get an iPhone. But most importantly I’ve waited long for the multiple camera view for Mapillary. And while that is coming to the Android at some point the current situation would be a good time for getting an iPad. … And the older versions are obviously less expensive…

Ok, so @rsahlin or @peter : Any chance to get some sort of release notes for Android too?

If the release notes were added to the app, it would be a little link hidden away in Settings.

The app should work fine on iPad. All iPhone apps work on iPads as well, it will just be scaled up so it won’t utilise the big screen properly. I haven’t tried the app on iPad much though. I guess iPad 2 and newer should work just fine according to this list:

We plan on dropping iOS 7 support very soon. Last time I checked we had 27 users with iPhone 4 which cannot upgrade to iOS 7+, and two of those users are us here at Mapillary. According to the list above, iPad 2 and newer support iOS 9. Don’t know how much fun it will be to run iOS 9 on older devices though.

At some point we will most likely do a proper iPad version as well. Most of our users use phones so focus will be there. But for more professional use with a camera rig using action cameras, it makes sense to use an iPad with its bigger screen. Right now we have 318 users with iPads, but not many bugs have been reported so I guess it should work.

I think I have an iPad 2 at home somewhere so I can give it a go on that one this week to see how it performs. It might be an iPad 1… not 100% sure, haven’t used it in a long time (I have an iPad Air as well). I’ll get back to you with my findings.

Hi there,
we put the release notes into the What’s new section of the app, - is that ok for the time being?


Thanks @Anders . This is exactly the advice I was hoping for. And I really didn’t understand that the iPad Air is – and has been for a years already! – the newest model line of iPads… So, with iPad mini 4 being 399€ and iPad Air 2 429€ (Finland wifi only prices) it seems that it really makes no sense to buy anything else but the iPad Air 2.

And @peter . I didn’t remember the Play Store release notes. That is sufficient. Thanks.

I couldn’t find my old iPad (which is an iPad 1), but I have tested the app on iPad Air WiFi only now (1st gen). Sorry for the late reply btw!

Seems to work fine. Also tested with an action cam (GoPro Hero4 Silver).

The UI isn’t optimal though due to the form factor being 4:3 so it will use the UI for iPhone 4. It works but it’s not great.

Also, worth noting, is something I had totally forgot, is that the WiFi only models don’t have a GPS!