Overload of notifications

Why am I being overloaded with notification of small amounts of photos being published? Both in the Android app and on email.

Yesterday I uploaded a sequence of 858 photos. AFTER the sequence became available for browsing (that is, all 858 photos were available online), Mapillary has continued to nag me, about 424, 293, 85, 39, 4, and 42 photos being published.

Why the continued nagging after the fact? And even for as little as 0,5% of the sequence! Why can’t I just get a single notification at the moment the whole sequence is available?


Have you searched the settings in your profile ?

My notification settings are on Default, which is “Image uploads, edits and blurs”. I don’t think that is very different from Moderate (“Photo uploads, edits and blurs”).

I get lots of emails a day too, between 10 and 30.

switch your notifications off. simple

@nunocaldeira: NO.

I want to get a notification when my sequence is published. I just don’t want to get a notification when some random 4 out of 800+ photos are published.


I agree that is exactly what I want too.


When I switch the App push notifications off, I also won’t get any e-mails anymore.
However, they still are set to default. I also want to receive comments but not Mapillary Activities like
Image uploads, edits and blurs. I want to switch this off but it is not possible. Either you get all or nothing.
Those notifications don’t make any sense, I got e-mails about uploaded pics that I submitted years ago and I don’t want that, only the latest sequence please.
Bug report: https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/2879

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