Orange dots on Mapillary map

Dumb question, but what are the orange dots on the main Mapillary map. They don’t seem to link to anything but I am assuming they represent users or ambassadors?

Good question, I am still trying to understand the meaning. Anyone knows what the orange dots represent?

(At first, I thought it was showing the lastest added sequence added in a country. But it is not I found out. So related question: Is there a tool to see the latest added seqeunces? Functionality of ‘recent changes’ in Wikipedia?)

Thanks for the question @tastrax and @micmin1972!
(In Estonia where I come from, we have a saying that there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers :wink: )

The orange dots represent what you could call “curated sequences”. These are some of the really great recently uploaded sequences. “Some”, because our team, as much as we’d love to, doesn’t have the resource to go through absolutely all uploads, so we might miss some good ones (which is why we encourage people to share their own with #MapillaryExplore). So exploring those sequences offers a chance to both see amazing places and also get an idea of how great a Mapillary sequence can look.

Because next to the “something is better than nothing” motto that is super relevant in terms of obtaining data from photos, it’s still great to strive for excellence if possible, with well-lit non-blurry photos that have no car hood / bike handlebar / human fingers etc. in view and have been taken consistently enough to allow really smooth transitions from one to the next. You can call it the Mapillary eye candy :slight_smile:

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I was going to ask this question recently until I saw this topic as I noticed that a small down that I stopped at in the middle of nowhere of South Australia got an dot right after uploading. I was there for less than 15 minuets and even less taking sequences while I spent more time doing sequences in 2 other towns later that day.

The major city - Adelaide has no dot at all where most of the sequences in the state are.
I’ve got some beautiful sequences from driving in the Adelaide hills and even a couple driving on the beach south of Adelaide.

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I got an orange dot at one of the places I stayed at recently.

Thanks to @rebeccay who commented on one of my images to tell me it will be featured.