Old imagery data on a national nature reserve has vanished..... what next?

So when I joined mapillary back in 2019 I thought it was quite cool to be able to visualise in 360° imagery of my treks etc. But recently I’ve noticed that some of my old treks have been mysteriously vanishing.

One such trek was of Stodmarsh National nature reserve east of Canterbury UK, along the Great Stour from Grove to Fordwich.

This has now vanished:

  • All public footpaths through the nature reserve.
  • one section of the route I had a flock of sheep in tow, through a public footpath field.
  • and even had me being chased by a cloud of mosquitos in some of the woods along the way.

Of course I can do the route again - but why when I’ve reported BAD mapillary ROADs in the middle of what is clearly water still remain and yet data from a nature reserve have been cleared away.

No notifications that my trek had violated anything… So what has broken ? Is the notifications broken ?

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We’ve recently had to re-process some older imagery as we moved it between servers. Your imagery should be visible again on Mapillary later this week. Sorry for the inconvenience.


@eneerhut - Phew ! Thank you for the update - I was starting to re-plan my trek but avoiding the woodland with the mosquitos ( I suffered badly with bites that day).

I’m keeping eye on this one. Can you let me know your username just in case.

@eneerhut great, username is JKingsleyA…

I was checking today, it had posted some of recent bike rides near that location but still the nature reserve was empty.

Great, thanks for that. Do you remember roughly what month and year these images were captured?

@eneerhut , yeah I can give you exact details, July 13th 2019, GPS and route can be seen via my Komoot recording, hope this helps :
Grove ferry to fordwich | hike | Komoot

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Perfect. Super helpful.

A big thank you Edoardo - data has been restored now. The National reserve, Sheep and mosquitos have been restored…


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Thanks for confirming. @peter jumped in to take a look and make sure the images were shown properly.