Object Detection Request -- Railroads

Thanks to Mapillary, I’ve noticed our local DOT is lacking a lot of warning signs for railroad crossings. It’s painfully common for one way, let’s say northbound, to have them but missing coming the other ( southbound ).

Is there a way I can use of the object detection for rail tracks to show me all the grade crossings in Jacksonville, FL? Would this be part of the developer API?

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I’ve also noticed that the traffic sign detection isn’t quite picking up on the crossbucks. All active crossings should have crossbucks.

Looking at a different xing in “object view”, it looks like y’ll are picking up the xbucks and - just as important, that lil’ blue sign for emergencies.

If we could get that sorted out, we could find xings that are lacking:

a) one or more crossbucks
b) blue safety signs
c) one or more yellow xing warning signs
d) ?

Object view

One way to get railway crossings is to use OpenStreetMap data on them.

Using Overpass Turbo:
https://overpass-turbo.eu/map.html?Q=node %20%20[railway%3Dlevel_crossing] %20%20(30.063745677914252%2C-81.85707092285155%2C30.58177039501452%2C-81.38671875)%3B out%3B

Query for Overpass:


Thank you. I didn’t even think of all the other options. I’ll give it a try.