OAuthException code 1

Yesterday I started working with the Mapillary API and had no problem with fetching imagery data, but now I always get an error which doesn’t give me a lot of information. The error looks like this:

dict: {‘error’: {‘message’: ‘An unknown error has occurred.’, ‘type’: ‘OAuthException’, ‘code’: 1, ‘fbtrace_id’: ‘AVtVTBYFnT4hSMu08q9eO_6’}}

A quick search on the internet provided me with the info that this is a common bug on Facebook API’s, but I didn’t seem to find a solution. Could someone be able to point me in the right direction?

Is this working now?

Yes it started working again after a while, but I sadly didn’t manage to find what solved the problem. I changed and improved a lot of things to my code since then, but I am fairly certain that the origin of the problem lay in the requests I sent via the python requests library. But why it managed to suddenly stop working overnight without any change to the code is still a mystery to me.