Authorization error

dear mapillary community,
i currently face an error while trying to fetch image data from a bounding box request that i am not able to resolve. i tried to follow the code provided in

which is:

import requests
metadata_endpoint = “
x_dist = 0.00025
y_dist = 0.00025
client_token = ‘MLY|7096961157099603|7fb2ed4b52bc77827ab9451bf2ec3d8c’
headers= { “Authorization” : “OAuth {}”.format(client_token) }
url_imagesearch = metadata_endpoint+‘/images?fields=id&bbox= {},{},{},{}’.format(testpoint[1]-x_dist, testpoint[0]-y_dist, testpoint[1]+x_dist, testpoint[0]+y_dist)
response_imagesearch = requests.get(url_imagesearch, headers=headers)
data_imagesearch = response_imagesearch.json()
print(“Images found:” + str(len(data_imagesearch[‘data’])))
for image in data_imagesearch[‘data’]:
url_image = metadata_endpoint+‘/{}?fields=id,thumb_2048_url,captured_at,sequence’.format(image[‘id’])
response_image = requests.get(url_image, headers=headers)
data_image = response_image.json()

but while i got it to work a few days ago, the same exact code will not return image information anymore.
i created several new client tokens and replaced the one in the given code, but i keep getting this error

{‘error’: {‘code’: -2, ‘error_subcode’: 3404014, ‘error_user_msg’: ‘The query timed out,… the query’, ‘error_user_title’: ‘Query Timeout’, ‘fbtrace_id’: ‘AefW_vEWIdbz3c9Zs9NZ_Ux’, ‘is_transient’: False, ‘message’: ‘Timeout’, ‘type’: ‘OAuthException’}}

and i have no idea how to fix the error.
i would be very happy for any hint that could help me solve this problem


Hey @patrone411 the API should be back. Please try again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. It was because The query timed out,… the query – the high latency of the API bbox queries.