API documentation update #1: OAuth 2.0

We have released a new update to the API v4 documentation today. More is coming as we flesh it out better. This update includes expanded examples of OAuth 2.0 flow.

Please share any feedback if you get a chance to read through and/or test it!


If you have other sections where you’d like to see more information or examples, please let me know!

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Hi @chrisbeddow
I have registered my android application last year.
After mapillary force update password I found my application disappeared from my developer page on Mapillary website.

I registered it again. I am using callback url with custom protocol, to allow Android open it in my application.
Currently if I enter call back url like zzz://myapplycation/path and save and edit setting then I could see it was saved as https://www.mapillary.com.

I did not found in new documentation any restriction for callback url.

Could you please fix this bug or update documentation if it is new restriction.

Hello, I am looking into this and will respond when I have more information, thanks for the report!

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