Using the Mapillary API


I’m looking to download images using the Mapillary API. I’ve attempted the instructions here.

It says as follows:

“There are two parts we will replace: <client_id> and <callback_url> . If my client ID is xyz123 and my callback URL is, then I will have the following URL:”

I’ve updated this with my own client_id from my developers page.

I don’t however, have a callback URL to use because I don’t have a website. Is there an alternative?

In any case, I am getting a webpage saying:

{“code”: “client_id_invalid”, “message”: “The provided client id is invalid”}

Any suggestions, please?


You need a callback URL, but you can use any URL, you just need the URL with params if you only want to get the token.
Or you can use mine: - just dumps, no storage.

That’s very kind of you, thank you :slight_smile:. I will bear this in mind in the future should I have to need it.