How to use v3 for now?

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to port an app to v4.
But is there a secret way of using v3 until August 18th?

It seems like, according to the announcement post, that it is available for use until that date.

However, my registered applications using v3 disappeared from the applications panel after early this June. And I couldn’t register a new application for v3. So, I couldn’t temporarily use v3 during this transition period. I’m currently trying to figure out undocumented things that existed from v3.

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The docs are archived here: Mapillary API Documentation - Version 3

And you will need to get your old API key from where you may have saved it, you cannot access it to view or create in your current account now. So it is still valid if you had it saved anywhere.

Hi Chris!
I have the same issue as topic starter.
When you say “old API key”, do you mean value used for client_id?
I am receiving error label in browser “App not found” when I am trying to use my old client id.

And I cannot found in v4 documentation how to upload photos section. Is it forbidden from now?

@zufir we are only supporting upload via the command line tools or the desktop uploader or the mobile apps right now. We may allow direct access to the uploader API in v4 but have to do some preparation and planning to get that working, so it is not certain if or when it could happen.

Can you show me the API request you are making otherwise and getting rejected? Yes, the cliend_id is what you should use to access API v3 until it shuts down on August 18.

Ah I see, this is authentication of course which also is no longer functioning on v3 it looks like, though if you previously already retrieved a token you can reuse it still.

Hi @chrisbeddow
Thank you for the answer.

I have limited experience in English to tell you polite how disappointed I am with how the Mapillary team organized the transition to the new version of the software. They just cut a functionality one by one.