A.mapillary.com us unavailable

Hi all , a.mapillary.com is showing 503 Service Unavailable from yesterday

Indeed, on 2021-10-08 at 09u30 CEST : " No server is available to handle this request. "
Just out of interest : what would one have expected that link to do, please? Open a page, but what would that do?

That page is (was?) the access point for V3 API and V3 Javascript. When it’s down, all apps and pages built on V3 stuff stop working. It’s been officially deprecated for last two months, but still worked.

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It use to load the images of near by location ,
This is the url , it use to work till day before yesterday

and basically it looks like host is down itself i.e https://a.mapillary.com is there any alternative to this

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@jorrarro is what is the official API now, if deprecated

@gnaik , @jorrarro

Dear Jorrarro : thank you for the quick response.

Dear Gnaik : sounds like 503 etc. is the exact reply you (and any other user) ought to receive, as the page you’re trying to access belongs to some feature which - if memory serves - was removed from active service on 18 August 2021.

Hope this answers your question, although perhaps not solves how to accomplish what you used to be able to do that way …

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘with friendly greeting’,

@koninklijke Thanks for the update and quick reply , can you point out the current API to use to fetch image , instead of /v3/images

Current API is documented here Mapillary

However, it does not have the same capabilities as the old one concerning querying. It only serves the location data via vector tiles. My solution was downloading all tiles from area of interest, load them into PostGIS database and use that for finding closest ones.

@jorrarro I am using mapillary JS API 2.20.0.

With your last message, does that mean i cannot use the 2.2.0 and have to migrate my code to Mapillary API 4… is that correct?

Yes - all old stuff is broken now and only solution is to migrate to newest API. For Javascript the docs are here: Introduction | MapillaryJS