API v3 is Retiring on August 18

API v3 has retired today, August 18th, 2021. Please make sure you migrate your apps to API v4

Documentation: https://www.mapillary.com/developer/api-documentation/

Blog post with examples: Getting Started with the new Mapillary API v4

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I thought it was already retired? My application keys were revoked for v3 and I couldn’t register a new one in the developer’s panel for v3.

You may continue using old keys for v3 but you cannot generate a new one, and the ability to view them in your account is gone since these keys are not inside the new infrastructure. If you have one embedded in previous code it will continue working for v3 until August 18.

And redirection between old and new id will stop also on August 18 ?

250000 ‘old’ ref in osm should be change ?

Thanks for yours answers

No, this redirection will not stop. And I am looking into a solution to provide a table of old key => new key that maybe can be used to manually update these IDs

I have build a mapping id list. Just in case.


This is great. So maybe it’s best to set up in a Map Roulette where each item with one of the keys on OSM can be visited and the key updated? @frodrigo

I think most of the work could be automatized. Doing it by hand with Map Roulette is a waste of time. Map Roulette could be good for the remaining ones.


@chrisbeddow, why do you want a maproulette challenge ?

Ah, I think automatized is better. I was afraid maybe the automated method would require difficult import planning to do en masse, but I will leave to the community to decide (just let me know if I can give help).