API documentation: various mistakes

The API documentation at Mapillary has quite a few typos and other issues.

A few examples:

  • Newline missing before “This method works for the Entity API calls”
  • “consutrct”
  • “authenciation”
  • “authenciation” (twice)
  • “if the token is going to expired”
  • Sequence section shows URL with “sequence_id=XXX”, comment says “id - ID of the image belonging to the sequence”

There are more typos - would be useful to give the whole page a read.
Didn’t see a way to send pull requests, sorry if I missed that.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve fixed the typos and updated the API documentation page.


Thank you, looks great.
List items (numbered and not) have inconsistent punctuation (randomly ending with or without a dot), not sure whether you want to improve it to that level :slight_smile: