North American Interstate Highways

Hello North American mappers. The map is growing quickly in the USA and Canada. Keep up the good work. One project of mine that I hope you all can join in on is the capturing of the “big green signs” along highways in North America. The destinations on those signs is quite useful for improving the turn-by-turn directions, when the user can be told exactly what the signs over the highway say. How is the coverage for major highways in your area?

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Working on getting as many of them as I can :slight_smile:

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I did majority I-40 Eastbound from California to Texas, and I-20 Eastbound from Texas to Mississippi back in June 2015. That was a fun drive.

Device used: Samsung Galaxy S5

I did Eastbound I-20 from Atlanta to Meridian, Mississippi back on Christmas, 2015, and I-59 south from Meridian for a way. I get I-75 both directions between Atlanta and Tampa fairly frequently, and I have about half of I-75 both ways from Atlanta to Chattanooga. Almost had an opportunity to get I-85 between Atlanta and somewhere in South Carolina a few weeks ago, but that didn’t work out. And I periodically get Georgia 400 (a freeway) in both directions. And there are other non-Interstate freeways around Atlanta and Tampa that I and others have managed to get in.


Hands down US 129, Alcoa Highway, has the most coverage of any highway in the world… on Mapillary at least. :slight_smile:


Just finished uploading my I-10 and others photos

I-10 is now complete between New Orleans, LA to Tallahassee, FL in both directions.
I-165 in Mobile, AL is now complete in both directions.

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Bravo @Caboosey! I checked it out on the map. What’s next on the agenda?

@talllguy Man it’s tough sometimes…Not enough daylight time in the day or weather decides to rain on me.

My agenda so far…

Still need to cover:

  • US 98 from Navarre, FL to the east…
  • US 98 between Foley, AL to AL/MS border.
  • US 90 from Holt, FL to Tallahassee, FL
  • I-110 in Biloxi, MS
  • I-65 between I-165 in Mobile, AL to Birmingham, AL
  • I-10 between Tallahassee, FL to Jacksonville, FL
  • Local bicycle/walking trails (waiting for cooler weather)
  • Parking lots, sidewalks, and trails at UWF (University of West Florida)

Actively In progress:

  • I-10 between Pine Forest Road in Pensacola, FL to Garcon Point Road in Baghdad, FL at least once a week to capture the construction changes.
  • All public streets in Pensacola, FL city limits.
  • All secondary/tertiary roads or higher in Escambia County and Santa Rosa County, FL
  • Any newly constructed roads in Escambia County and Santa Rosa County, FL
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Sounds great! I see you have a lot of Pensacola already covered. As a side note to this topic, Have you found a good strategy for efficiently getting all the streets in a grid? I happen to live in a gridded city and it is tough to map entire areas without a real plan, or a partner looking at a map, because the one way streets make it harder to optimize things.

Local bicycle/walking trails (waiting for cooler weather)

Good plan there :smile: I was just out walking today and it is too hot / humid up in MD for Mapillary walking. Also, the photo can sometimes overheat in these conditions.

I still need to get a USB Power pack for biking/walking/hiking, camera mount for my bicycle, and bicycle needs seat replacement.

For the grid streets like in downtown Pensacola, FL: I hit the most traveled streets first even if they are just marked as residential on OSM then I do a snake pattern.

For non-grid pattern streets: I just do one whole neighborhood at a time sometimes requires me to overlap myself.

Ever since v2.34, I use the automatic time based mode with minimum delay set at 1.3 seconds to maximize number of photos over distance and to avoid overheating over long usage. My phone can do photos at every 1.0 seconds, but it will eventually overheat.

My progress for regular streets so far (red is complete, yellow is in progress):

@talllguy US 29 is now complete from Pensacola, FL, US to Flomaton, AL, US. :smile:

@Caboosey, getting the bike stuff would be great, IMHO. It provides a different perspective while giving some incentive to get out and bike.

I was sorta down in your neck of the woods last fall. I’d love to see more of those sunsets over Mobile Bay get captured. :smile:

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@allen oh cool. We should have met up. I haven’t met anyone that works for mapillary or another member yet in person.

Just completed US 90 about few weeks ago from Mobile, AL to Moss Head, FL (near Crestview, FL)

@allen @talllguy Got photos of Mobile, AL and Fort Walton Beach, FL currently being uploaded to mapillary. About 40k photos taking worth about 128GB of space taken within 48 hours. It will take some time to upload this. :smiley:

Coverage Progress:
I-65 is now complete in both directions in Mobile County, AL.
US 90 is now complete from Mossy Head, FL to Mobile, AL
US 90/98 Truck route is now complete in both directions in Mobile, AL

Nice. I’ll holla if I’m on another road trip. Once and awhile I take a long weekend and more or less just drive. I’d like to get down through southern Alabama again if I’m still around this winter.

I 75 from just north of Atlanta (Cartersville) to the GA/FL border should be pretty complete with lane guidance and destinations at exits now, along with the I 475 bypass. This has been a recent short-term goal of mine.

Medium term, I want to get I 75 all the way to/from Tampa completed, along with the I 575 and I 675 spur roads…

Longer term is to extend tagging all the way up to the GA/TN border, and extra long term is to get I 75 completed all the way to Miami.

Surprising to me, considering our reputation for being a “car culture”, the interstates of Southern California are barely touched. I can easily get the 605, the 405, and the 710 around Long Beach. The others might have to wait a bit until I get free time. In general, the whole of the south end of Los Angeles County is scarcely mapped at all. Once I figure out how to get the Mapillary mount to work in my car (see separate post in Tools if you can help), I will get on it and start filling in the big blank.

Were you able to sort out the mount issue?

Even though they are boring to the enth degree I continue to snap pictures as I run down the roads with the big green signs.
It irks me no end when I find the big green signs blurred. They are the only thing of any interest along our interstate system.
I run from near Lake Erie in Ohio to southern Kentucky tomorrow. There will be many big green signs.
Southern Kentucky back roads will be far more fun to map.

Today, running up to Hillsboro Wisconsin from Fredericktown Ohio I was able to paint some interstate green, at least in one direction.
It seems the roads with the big green signs are getting covered quickly
I ran 69 north bound from Fort Wayne up to 80/90.
It is getting hard to find interstates that have not been covered.
I like state roads a whole lot better.
I kept a camera going for most of the 665 mile trip today.