No map while capturing

In the capture mode, I cannot see the map with the sequences any more. I just see a totally black map with a small blue circle in the middle and the mapbox copyright.
Down left there is always the map icon.
Samsung S9+

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Same here, P20 Pro on Oreo with Mapillary 3.139.

In the explore tab I can see the map just fine.

Is this still the case if you go to settings and modify the base map to “openstreetmap”

It was OSM already, but indeed, it says “Mapbox” and the map icon is persistent.

This option hasn’t changed anything for me either. I think this changes the map in explore mode only; the map shown while recording is always mapbox.

Ah yes, you’re right. The mapbox logo is present regardless of which canvas is used, not just when mapbox streets is selected.

Thanks for reporting guys, I’ll create an issue for this

I waited some months before reporting this issue.
Maybe Mapillary is adding the current track :slight_smile:

This issue is still present. Can you add to this view a ‘no capture’ mode just to have the coverage shown on the map without access to the device’s camera? I’m not using my phone to capture. Just my car’s dashcam. It would be useful to know where there are no pictures at all

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OSMAND has the perfect solution for you.
Well, on my old smartphone it does not work any more.


Thank you! That is exactly what I needed! :+1:

Today I also added a downloaded track.

How did we do it in the old days ?
Oh, my grumpy old man is emerging. should fix the issue.