"Nice job" not today

I went on a binge driving trip today and took 13.000 pictures. On the mly website I saw the message that there was a database update today but I uploaded anyway knowing that our uploads are safe. But today I do not have the “Nice job, you uploaded …”, except for the last picture, which is often not uploaded in the first run.
Nor do I have another confirmation on the website.

Are the database updates cheaper on sundays ?


read the message again: no write access, uploads taken, but may take a few days to be uploaded to main DB. So notification will come after main DB migration is done (in a few days…)

Hi @filipc,

As we are running an update it will take a few more days to receive the confirmation but it should come. Let us know if that is not the case within a few days.


I’m just uploading 6000 pcitures from the weekend - where you saw this message? I’d expect it in the blog http://blog.mapillary.com/ or on https://www.facebook.com/mapillary but there is no update mentioned.
Also the web upload https://www.mapillary.com/map/upload/im stucks with “We are checking your current uploads on the Mapillary server.” message.

The message is on http://www.mapillary.com/ without “map” at the end. “/map” is often added automatically.
It is a small orange banner with black text. It is easy to overlook.

This message is on the frontpage, but I agree with @moenk that it should be displayed at more places. I’d like to add that the sidebar in the map and photo view also would be a good place. (mainly because blur requests aren’t working either atm)
Anyway, success with the update.

It is an old tradition to do database maintenance on sunday. But I wonder why mly does it on a the busiest day of the week. Maybe it is Amazon policy.

Well the web site in general and particularly the frontpage I dont visit so often. There is a blog, new posts can announced automatically at FB an Twitter, let the power users know whats going on, I’m curious about details even on a database update. Dare to go in details, nerdy users love that.


Hi everyone.

We had a DB problem with Amazon RDS on Sunday morning and the DB went down. While the DB was down we decided to do a long standing upgrade that we have been postponing. So @filipc , this time the day was chosen for us, we did not pick Sunday :wink:

Agree that we should add notice to the photo view too.

All uploads are safe, all data is safe. We cannot accept new signups and uploads will not be visible until we have DB write enabled again.


The application hangover is usually on monday caused by the maintenance on sunday.

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We are done with the updates now so if not already you should soon be receiving notifications again. Thanks for your patience!