New Yi 360 Camera

Here is another new 360 camera from Yi Technology (not to be confused with Xiaomi):

No word yet on what resolution stills it can take or if it has an interval capture mode, but it may be adaptable like the Yi Action cameras?

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It would be cool to see what the pics look like in different light conditions. Of course the pics in the ads always look fantastic, but what about low light, sunny days in the forest, snowy mountains, etc. :wink:

Photo resolution isn’t actually that exciting: 5760x2880
But it does say it has support for Google Street View, so I guess that means it will be compatible with Open Spherical Camera API?

That’s 16 Mpx and should be enough for Google Street View, yes. As far as I can recall, they accept anything over 14 Mpx.

My LG was also said to be compatible with OSC API, but I think the Mapillary team said they had to implement it manually because it wasn’t fully compatible anyway.

It seems to have time lapse mode but it turns it into a video right away.

If video quality is good enough we can still use the mapillary video upload (gpx file is required) .

Very memory consuming though.

Some more info on this cam.

I see this camera is shipping now - only the early reviewers have checked it out so far. Specs still don’t mention OSC

Just got the word from Yi support - it definitely doesn’t support OSC at this time. However it states that it supports StreetView.

Is the StreetView API a possibility for a direct Mapillary interface in the feature?

Deal alert (shipped from YI Spain) YI 360 VR Lente Dual mayor ángulo 5.7K HI RESOLUCIÓN CÁMARA CON 4K EN CÁMARA DE COSTURA

Even €280 on sale on Aliexpress (shipped from China). But does it has interval shooting yet?

Taking a look at:


The relevant parts:
8.2 Technical Specifications / Photo
Timer: Off, 2s, 5s, 10s
Photo: Format JPEG
Photo Resolution: 5760x2880 (16.6MP)

8.2 Technical Specifications / Time Lapse Video
Video Resolution: 5.7K(5760x2880)/30FPS (and lower)
Interval: 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s
Video Format: mp4/H.264

With ffmpeg (and other software) it should be possible to create images from the mp4. I don’t have any experience with this though…

That way it should be possible to shoot 5760x2880 images at a rate of 2 images per second or if you’d want at 30 images per second! One could drive up to 540 km/h and still have 5 meters between the images (or at 2 images/second in interval mode up to 36 km/h, perfect for cycling!)

I see it at Amazon for $ 199:

I’dd almost… go and buy one… writing this post one would almost think this to be the perfect camera for Mapillary?

Does anyone here have and use one for Mapillary?

guess not?

Well, now one does: me!

Well, ordered one that is.
When I have it in my possession I’ll do the testing and report my findings!

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Nice. let us know how it goes. we need to setup a guide of cameras. give feedback once you test it

Here is the review so far:

Status in a nutshell:

The result is now that I can use the high resolution movie setting and intervall, but the image quality of the seperate images is better than image grabs from the movie (at the same resolution). And I offcourse want the best possible image I can muster out of the hardware :wink:

I tried opening the camera up, but I didn’t go all way because I feared I was going to crack it open… resulting in perminant damage (hoped I could solder extra connection to the button and create an interval that way.

Mapillary updated their app, we hoped that would fix the bug I encountered, but alas…

Via the Mapillary app would be ideal… but I think it’ll be a while for Mapillary to get around to fixing this… so I will now try a machanical approach…

I’m on vacation now in France and brought the YI360 along for the ride. I have walked trugh the small village here and will use the data to optimize my workflow.