[bug report] Mapillary app iPhone faults with YI 360

I don’t know if this is the right way to do it, but in my “review process of the YI360” I bumped up against an error in the app.

The relevant part in that post:

BUT the darn YI360 doesn’t have an image interval setting! Pressing the button on the camera I have the distinct impression it can handle about one image every second (maybe even faster when I have my new micro SD card?)


And I tried the Mapillary app… and it sees the camera! It even says ‘beep’ taking a picture: yay!… but only one, then I get this:

When I press OK, I can take another (and get the same error again, etc). After connecting the camera to the PC again, it really did take a picture!

I don’t mind the red screen (preview), but:

Mapillary team: can you ignore the error for the “YI 360” (*)

*) ‘YI 360’ is the exact name the Mapillary app identifies the camera with, maybe you can add an exception?
on (error) {
…if (cam_ID != ‘YI 360’) {
… …do_error();

PS: If there is a way to do some tests, maybe a way to give you more detailed info about the error, let me know…

small correction, it’s “XiaoYi - YI360” and in short “YI 360”:

I’m wondering if it’s something in the camera control stack that prevents it from issuing sequential capture requests…

Then I’dd expect it to go wrong at the second capture attempt?


I take it the YI 360 uses the OSC protocol, but it seems like it doesn’t follow it to 100%. We have seen similar issues with other cameras where we have special treatment. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the YI360 but I’ll ask around if someone can lend me one for testing.

You say it doesn’t have interval setting. One thing you can try is “distance based” capture in the Mapillary app settings. Instead of “start taking photos every 2 seconds”, we send a “take photo now” command every X meters. Worth a try.

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Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

It was now (indeed) set at taking a picture every 1s (default)

I’ll try your tip, one never knows…

Also, since no one else brought this up at your end, how harmful could it be to update the (iOS) app including the “if YI360, then ignore errors after “take photo now” command”? I’m sure I won’t complain :wink:

PS: the error given “an error” is a bit vage, wouldn’t it be useful to include more detailed info? That could help you with this (and an other future) error? I often include something vage, like “error D1” Useless for my customer, but extremely valuable when they call me to complain something doesn’t work, then I can search in my code where the code “D1” is generated…

PS2: I’m quite “tech savvy”. So If there is a way for me to help you with debugging somehow, let me know (I sent a support mail also, it contains mail, phone number etc)

I agree that the help messages should be more informative, that’s something I should improve!

I don’t think we can do much though until I get my hands on a camera to see what’s wrong with it, apart from making the error message more descriptive (if possible).

Hi @Anders,

Just did the test:
The moment I start walking the error appears (shown in the first post).
A moment later I hear the YI360 do a beep (the signal that a picture is taken; I also sense a bit of lag by pressing the button on the camera, so this is normal I guess).
No more beeps, I need to click ‘Ok’, then It’ll take an other image (and… etc.)
(Same as with manual image taking).

I expect the app simply stops all work until the error screen is gone (which sounds logical :wink: )

I found a 360 photographer near Malmö and sent him a mail if he could maybe help…

Otherwise, if you are unable to get your hands on a YI360 camera, I would be willing to send you mine (I do want it back offcourse :wink: ) Could that be an option?

I have also asked everyone in the company if they have one. So far the US etc are sleeping so we’ll see if I can find one here.

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The amazing thing is, I got in touch with him! And he owns a YI360 ! Luckily his English is better than my Swedish and amazingly enough he discovered Mapillary a few days ago. I asked him to create an forum account also… we’ll see… I hope.

PS: he also owns a Insta360 Pro! I asked him to upload a few of his images… curious how wel they perform on Mapillary :wink:

Yes thats me :slight_smile: Michael Wall in Trelleborg
I can upload some pictures taken with the Insta pro later this week. Right now i am working on a documentary project that takes all my time.:slight_smile:

Maby i can come in to Anders someday next week and talk to him live?

Happy weekend from