My Camera YI 360 VR does not stream live

Hi, my name is Paulo. I’m from Brazil.
I bought a camera YI 360, but it’s not broadcasting live. What may be happening, can you help me?

It usually connects to the phone, but when it comes to live streaming, it is giving error.

Thank you.

Hi, is this relates to streaming to mapillary? if not, there might not be much we can do.
@eesger has the same camera so maybe he knows

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I have once tried it and I didn’t get to work. But I bought the camera solely for Mapillary, so I don’t have any use for the live streaming function.

Above that, I use the YI360 with my iPhone which recently updated to iOS version 13 and to my dismay the YI-app is no longer able to connect to the camera… so I am unable to help you at the moment… until YI-tech comes with an update…

PS: if you use the camera for Mapillary also, I can help! If you have access to a Linux system I have a great automation script for you :slight_smile: If not, check the YI360 review page I am writing on this forum and try Hugin, I created a PTO (template file) which (most of the time) perfectly stitches raw images!

PS2: if you want I can ask (please also complain about iOS version 13 support, and ask for an interval setting for images!!)
AD: if you want, you can also ask :wink: (the sentence above ended up becoming a bit odd :wink: )


Hello, thanks for your repply. Don’t know someone who uses the câmera for live streaming?

I will contact support to request an upgrade to IOS 13. I don’t use mapillary, but I appreciate the help.

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