Xiamomi Mijia 4k - Help please

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I’ve been mapping using my android smartphone for the last year. Everything ok with that!

I just bought a Xiamomi Mijia 4k action cam and I have no idea how to use it with Mapilarry!!

Do you think you can help me somehow? Can I use the camera with the mapillary app? If not, does it stores the gps data to upload the images from the desktop uploader? Can’t figure out how to use it… :frowning:

Does it say it does GPS? If it doesn’t, you’ll need to sync the pics with the GPS data from some sort of GPS devices.

There are the help pages.


  • install the xiaomi app
  • connect your phone to the cam
  • start the mapillary app
  • search for your camera…