New Xiaomi Mi Panoramic 360 Camera



This new 360 camera from Xiaomi looks promising:

The specs say it can take 24mp images (7500x3000) which is the kind of resolution I am looking for. The sample images look good. It is also more likely to be affordable.

However it doesn’t stitch images together in the camera, this has to be done in the app. Not sure if this is good or not as it could speed up capture rates, but might complicate transfering images later on?

Any thoughts?



More specs here:

Including that it is waterproof, has image stabilisation (horizon always level), 128gb SD storage and time lapse feature.


Where the image is stitched is a trade off.

In camera stitching is easier, but the camera will not be able to take pictures as fast while preserving a good quality.
Stitching in post production takes more time, especially on a phone, compared to just copying everyting off an SD card.

I have 2 questions I have not been able to find an answer to:

  1. How fast can the camera take images, e.g. are there 2 or 8 seconds between images in time lapse mode.
  2. What resolution and file format does it use? Is it full 24 MPix jpg or is it just making a video in 3.5K?

From the video I have seen the stitching is very good. I have seen mentions of shooting in raw, which will make it easier to adjust images. The question is if that applies to time lapse and how it affects the speed.

This may be the next camera I reckomend people to get.

In I see this:
Video Recording : normal, quick, time-lapse, cycle recording
Photo Taking: normal, timer

That does not look good, because time-lapse is mentioned under video. Perhaps the camera will be hackable, like Xiaomi Yi, or apps will be able to trigger it automatically. But right now, I would not buy it.


sadly confirmed in the comment section that the camera doesnt support intervalometer. :disappointed_relieved:


Yes it is a pity as the photo resolution looks really good:

Also stitching looks good and it is good value for very good specs.

It may support OSC so that Mapillary can control it via their app or Python? Like other Xiaomi cameras?


Here is a more in depth review of the camera, it looks really good but it lacks Intervalometer or OSC but still trying to find out if you can load a python script onto the camera to trigger photos at regular intervals (like Xiaomi Yi Action cam?)

Also see these demos, horizon stabilisation looks good:


Hey! It looks like Xiaomi finally added an intervalometer to their 360 camera:

It should make the camera very suitable for Mapillary as it provides high resolution 360 photos (7,000x3,500px) and is really cheap (£190)!


If it starts working then apparently it can do the following intervals: 5 sec, 10s, 30s, 60s, 2min, 5min


Sounds awesome. Google Streetview takes an image every 5 seconds, as far as I knows, so that is good enough in my book. Even though every 1 second is better :smile:


That is good news. If it would have 2 second interval (like the xioami yi) I would buy it right away. I now have to think about it :smile:


I dont. If I hadn’t seen that Ricoh has already shown demo models of their new 4K camera :smile: They have imho the best stitching in the price range, so I’ll just wait to see if I will get that instead.


Just noticed a drawback of the Xiaomi: The USB port for charging is located on the top at one of the sides. So if you want to charge while taking pictures, there is a great risk - if it is not for certain - that the cable will be visible in the picture. The optimal placement had been in the bottom.

Cables with an angled connector exists, but it is definately a huge drawback.


Made some pictures with ricoh theta camera, but 5 sec is too long time, at least for car. 3 sec would be better. For walking even 7 sec is still usable.


Could a hooked USB connector help ?


There is no doubt that a cable like would help a lot. But it requires a trial to see if the cable is still visible. You could also try to make a cable like this hdmi-cable which would probably do really well.The print could then run the whole side of the camera.


Hello, as the camera has no GPS, I assume that it has not any compass (?) … so, each 360 photo has to be manually “compassed” with the mapillary uploader ?


I’m not experienced with 360 cameras. However I assume it’s the same as a action cam that doesn’t have GPS, in which bearing is 0. After upload, go to edit sequence, press NORMALIZE and bearing will be adjusted, if needed OFFSET can be adjusted prior NORMALIZE.

360° cameras with built-in GPS?

Hey! This camera is currently half price on GearBest (£110):

Thanks to 360 rumours for the tip:


That half price sale has now ended! Sorry!


BangGood has it a bit cheaper: