New Xiaomi Mi Panoramic 360 Camera


For the external intervalometer tests what microSD cards did you tried? Maybe faster card will allow shorter intervals to set: maybe 2,4 secs or less… I use a Samsung 128GB Evo Plus. I will try different intervals with this card in the near future.

I already tried the emild Reach and worked mostly fine. Based on my test in urban area (not in urban canyons) but between the 10 floor block of flats I had +/- 25 cm precision with fix corrections and +/- 75cm with float corrections. The test was made walking. Sometimes Emlid Reach establishes the float or fix only after a long time of waiting (1-3 minutes), but once it happened that I could not get the position (not even single) for more than 15-20 minutes - being in an airplane. Otherwise I used a lot the Reach for aerial imagery collection.

When you make the stitching in App you will find some strange duplicates on the stitching line. Stitching it with PTGUI (I used a template with more than 50 control points) I had a strange stitching error. See in the attached centimeter graded image. The distance between the camera and the centimetric image was around 70cm, but the reference image was held more in a square shape not in a circle shape. See the stitching problem on the attached image (I also put there the InApp stitched image - the result looks quite the same):
This stitching issue may damage the result and the accuracy of the feature extraction from the Xiaomi panoramas.


First card was SanDisk Extreme 64GB, but write speed was weird (older card, write speed drop down and return and drop and… speed graph looks like “VVVVV”. Drop was under 7M/s)
Now Samsung Evo plus 64GB.

I think 2,5s would be OK. I did test it. Well, only indoors and with 2,6s delay, but 2,5s should be OK.


Could someone please post here when they fix the gps issue? MIght have to stick to fusion for now


The camera only sets GPS when paired to a phone. As far as I know, that works perfectly.


peewee32 above mentioned there is the bug (by design?) where it only updated the location every 10 seconds. This isn’t really any good for cycling/driving


Latest firmware has 1,3,5 and 10 seconds setting for GPS but not continues. Maybe 1 second would have a good result but I have not tried this because I use dedicated GPS to add location in post.


That’s a bit better. Would be nice to see someone report on whether this actually works


Great article! I have a suggestion that i am sure many photographers will love, since you can play in so many ways wirh the exposure time the mi sphere offers it would be awesome to release some kind of nd filters to allow daylightg long exposure shots! I had seen a post where a theta s was wrapped is some kind of nd “wrap” if developing filters is too complicated


Yep, latest firmware has GPS update at 1 second interval and it surely writes locations to JPG exif. Tested on Nokia 7.1 Android 9, while simultaneously saving track in OsmAnd continuos interval. When comparing Mi JPG locations and if geotagged with GPX later on, some difference occurs, see GIF.

However, minimum image acqusition interval is 2 seconds (in settings) - reality is about 2-4 secs with U3 class card in JPG (non-stitched). Maybe using wired trigger to hit shutter every second could make it faster, need to try that. And faster card too.


Here’s a different sequence :blush:


That’s certainly a very unique sequence :smiley: I love it.