Feature request: filter map by camera model

im trying to decide at the moment which 360 camera im going to get but finding it hard to choose between all the options out there. there are a few example sequences posted here on the forums of certain models but it would be helpful to be able to find more of them and to see samples from different locations and lighting/weather conditions.

one camera i have my eye on is the virb 360. theres been a few people here saying that the image quality isnt the best but garmin have made some updates recently so being able to filter that map to only show the virb 360 after a certain date would help in trying to figure out whether the camera is worth the money or not.

But first =

  • negative searches
  • search results in a different colour
  • several contributors.

Just an input: The Xiaomi 360 camera is very cheap but has an image quality that matches much more expensive cameras. As a bonus it can also take raw images, which can be corrected much more than jpg. That is the camera I would get today, if I didn’t have a 360 camera already. There are many threads about it in the forum.

@filipc Maybe I don’t understand you, but it is already possible to find the photos from several contributors. In the filter menu you can continue adding usernames to see their photos on the map.

Thank you, I tried the wrong way.


But pasting is not possible in the correct way.

theres quite a different in price alright. you could almost buy 3 xiaomi’s for the price of a single virb 360.

ill add it to the long list of possible cameras to get. thanks!