360° cameras with built-in GPS?


Hello, I’m considering to buy my first 360° camera, and using it to feed mapillary. As I have no smartphone, I’m looking for a camera with built-in GPS and compass …


I also need an intervalometer with a minimum value of 1 or 2 seconds :slight_smile:


The only one I know off is the Garmin VIRB® 360 which at a cost of $800 and a disappointing photo resolution is very expensive. And most of these cameras needs a smart phone to do more than taking a single photo or video.

For the same price you can get a Xiaomi 360 and a cheap smart phone and still have money to spare.

The 1-2 seconds may be a problem. I think Xiaomi takes an image every 5 seconds, like Google Streetview does. I think the Samsung can do it fast enoug for you, but from what I can read on the forums there is no automatic intervalometer - and it only works with some expensive Samsung phones. Of cause there are very expensive professional cameras.

Personally I am waithing to see the next Ricoh Theta, which is already out for reviewers. It may be that I get, it may be the Xiaomi.


Yes, I’ve looked inside 360rumors.com and if the Garmin is a good video camera it is not a good photo camera … probably the GoPro will have a built-in GPS, but it will be out only in 2018 …
I understood (New Xiaomi Mi Panoramic 360 Camera) that I can add GPS and compass information later on a sequence (I have an old Garmin GPS that can record .gpx).
The annoying thing is that if I want to shoot a standalone photo I can’t do that … :-\


Yes, the Xiaomi does not seem to have a compass. You can always geotag just a single image, but it is correct that multiple images are needed in order to guess the direction. But direction is less important than location. Mapillary accepts images without direction.


This new Halo360 camera from Acer might be what you are looking for, as it has built in Android and takes 7k 360 images:


Thank you Adam, but it seems that the Halo360 does not have any GPS (there is a GPS in the Vision360, model for cars)


I hope the “GoPro 360” (official name = GoPro Fusion) makes good photos : http://360rumors.com/2017/09/gopro-fusion-details-leaked-specifications-features-price-release-date-revealed.html