Mount for car side window

Yesterday I got the parts to assemble this:

The main part is the belt clip for a GoPro, then there is a tripod adapter and a screw. Besides a belt it also fits nicely on a car window, which is pulled a bit down.

I would put the clip as to teh cars back as possible, so I avoid putting the load on the middle of the window and to avoid blocking my view.

From the other side:

In the image I used the following parts:
Belt clip with GoPro mount:
Tripod adapter for GoPro mount:
Screw for GoPro and safety wire:


  • Always have a safety wire on anything you put outside the car!
  • Neither car window nor belt clip is made for this purpose, so do it
    at your risk.

I got a bit curious by your xiaomi cameras and was looking at probanly while you where writing your post. Nicely done. Please report how fast you can drive to get sharp pictures and to get enough pictures to make a nice sequence

The number of images for a sequence without too many holes depends on the distance to the motive. I think they have a 120 degree field of view, so you can try to do the math.

With regarding to a sharp motive, it also depends on the distance. But the amount of light comes in too. In normal light (in the fall in Denmark) I would say that you can drive about 6-8 km/h for every 1 meters of distance.

I have mapped with a camera mounted on the inside (via suction cup) several times. In general I do not get nice sequences without holes and a part of the images have a lot of motion blur. But in some places I get those images to the side that is actually what I often want to see, so I think it is worth doing it.

This base is made for it =
RAM 1" x 1" Glareshield Clamp Base with 1" Ball


I like ram-mount. I prefer them over the gopro mounts

So do I toO. The only inconvenience is that the RAM mounts take up more place. e.g. in front of the rear viewing mirror.