GoPro attached to a belt buckle

let me introduce you to the new fashion accessory for spring 2019

the clip (Sametop) attaches on nicely to my grip6 belt since the buckle is completely flat but the clamp opens wide enough that it should attach to most belts. it also rotates 360 degrees so you can attach it to something like a backpack strap if thats your thing.

the clamp is very trong too. i attached it to the top of the side window of my car and im fairly confident its not going to fly off at high speeds

even if you dont have anything to attach it to you can just use the clip to make it easier to hold the gopro while walking

heres what it looks like in action (set to linear mode, capturing every 2 seconds)

the angle of each photo changes a lot as you walk, especially when walking up steep hills, so i wouldnt recommend watching through the whole sequence unless you want to get a headache


Very cool!

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I’d like to find a mount like this to take my cell phone.
I as yet have not gone the gopro route.

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you might be able to find an adpater to go between your current phone mount and this belt clip, or maybe something like this


I’d like to be able, as part of my exercise program, to map shopping malls while walking.

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If you were mapping, you would feel the need to and to start all over again.

Of course, in America everything is bigger and you do not need hires pictures.

I have good experience with just holding my phone in my hand somewhere around the height of my belly. Most of my walking sequences are taken that way. Of course this does mean you don’t have two free hands.

I don’t know the American shopping centers, but my biggest challenge here mapping shopping centers is the little light, so most photos have camera shake.


I’m willing to give that a try.

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