Moto G4 not compatible device for beta testers?

Well - I don’t know why my new phone Moto G4 should not be compatible with the Mapillary app. Some more information would be helpful. But as a beta tester I would like to install it from the Google Play Store anyway and not as a sideload, although I’d consider Mapillary as safe source. Could you fix that?

Hi @moenk,

I have created an issue on GitHub here. If you could provide more information on your device such as the OS version and performance with the sideloaded app. @rsahlin or @peter can investigate.


Since the relaunch of the website there is no sideload APK any more. So the only way for me to contribute is using my Garmin Virb. And the problem with the app store has nothing to do with the OS version, it is done by purpose, they dont like some devices witch in fact would work fine.

@moenk, you can continue to download APK via [the legacy site][1]. There’s a link on the new site as well but we need to fix it.

The problem is the lack of a magnetometer (compass) in the Moto G4. We’re working on an update to the app though that will support such devices by asking them to confirm which direction the phone is pointed towards. Thanks for contributing using your Garmin and reporting this issue!

I just got an email saying it will be in the play store within the next weeks, so thats fine for me. Also I’d like to point out that my Moto G3 and also the G2 was compatible with the app, but I preferred not to use the magnetic compass because it didn’t show the right direction anyway.

Yes accuracy can vary greatly. The manual option in the update should solve this.