Android app for Kindle devices

I’ve got an old Kindle Fire here that I was planning to stick to my side window when I head on a long journey on Monday (my phone will be capturing the forwards direction), but the Mapillary app isn’t on the Amazon app store.

Is there any chance you could add it there, or add a direct link to the APK somewhere so we can sideload it onto devices that don’t have the Google Play store?

Hi @david-song,

The latest APK can be found here.

You can find the links to the latest APK and past releases in the footer of

All the best with the journey and share some pics back here when you return :smiley:

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Thanks! For some reason I couldn’t find that so I sideloaded the Play Store.

I couldn’t get the OSM login thing working before I set off though so didn’t get those side views (imo magic links ala Slack are underrated). I ran out of space on my phone after 10k images and then set to low quality (bug here) and had did get EE to upgrade my data allowance to 100GB (for £21/month for the remaining three months, not bad at all). More fun along the journey includes me getting stuck in sand on a camp site, and the last track is of my car overheating while on a toll bridge and capturing everyone overtaking me while I’m rolling along to the exit to avoid a tow charge! I’ll post links once they’ve been processed.

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I had forgotten that. I searched the github without finding.

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