Mod to charge and capture video at same time with GoPro MAX?

Has anyone attempted to modify a GoPro MAX so that the battery door can be closed but the camera can still be plugged in to charge? That is, drill a hole in the battery door over where the USB-C port is. I am fully aware that such a modification would compromise water resistance! I have a couple of Sony FDR action cameras that will capture on interval all day and then some when an external battery pack is attached. For those cameras, the cable ports are a covered by a separate flap than the door for the battery and memory card. I would love to be able to capture for longer periods with the GoPro MAX without having to purchase additional GoPro batteries and swap them out as they drain.

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I run multiple GoPros without the battery doors on and connected to USB power under the car bonnet. Obviously if it starts raining then I cease capture. I see that there are some doors available (at the usual GoPro price!) but not sure if they also fit the MAX

It didn’t even cross my mind to search for that but sure enough that is a thing - there are definitely options for the GoPro MAX. :person_facepalming:
Thank you @tastrax! I think buying something will work much better than breaking out the drill :grimacing:

Happen to find anything?

I found one for $30 on Amazon.

But it is the same price as an OEM door, which has a lock, and would likely work pretty well with a hole drilled in it.

I’m also looking at 90 degree USB-C adapters. Something like this.

I don’t have a 3D printer but this looks promising:

I ended up buying one for $16 on Amazon:

installed on my camera:

screenshot of the listing in case the URL changes:

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