Cameras you can plug in for hours and hours and hours

I’ve have some creaky old Garmin Virb Elites for photomapping. The one great thing about them is I can plug them in while they’re taking pictures. This is great for those long drives that last for hours. Hell, sometimes all day.

Does anyone know of any new cameras that can :

a) be plugged in while they take pictures
b) embed the GPS data into the JPGs


Thank you.

Hi Allen, have you tried GoPro? I believe that even GoPro 6 (and GoPro 7 for sure) will keep recording while being connected to a power source. The battery will NOT be charging though, moreover, you can even remove the battery at all.

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I haven’t looked at those. I have a GoPro 8 that, I assume I can plug it while it goes but it’s a less than ideal design for that having to take the whole side off. I’ll check those out. They may be a sweet spot right now as they’re at the end of the product cycle.

There’s a replacement lid for the GoPro 8 battery compartment for some £15 that allows the cable to be connected while the lid is closed: Try this one, much cheaper than buying a new GoPro.

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hah! THa’ts awesome. Didn’dt even think to look for such a thing. Thank you.

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