Best way to record a long day on a bike

I’m new to using Mapillary and believe it might fit my purpose.

I sometimes record long rides on my bicycle. Until now I’ve taken pictures holding my iPhone in my hand and then uploading them to Arcgis Online to later get a clear view of where they were taken. I believe Mapillary can make this process more convenient and easier to overview.

A couple of months from now I plan to do an approx 10 hr ride on my bike. I need to take a lot of pictures in order to view later which sections are good from a cyclists perspective and which are in need of improvements. Can this easily be done using Mapillary? I have an iPhone 8+ and a 10k mAH powerbank. I also have an old GoPro (Hero3) but no spare batteries and no memory card. If it’s necessary to fulfill the task I might be able to purchase a newer GoPro with the needed parts.

Can you please assist me in how to do this the best way and what equipment you recommend? For my purpose it’s not necessary to take the pictures in a very close interval.

I am using a Garmin VIRB Elite with external battery pack on the bike. 1800 pics per hour, so your 10 hours will fit on one SD card.

Thanks moenk.
Seems like Garmin are no longer very active in the development of new cameras but I guess any reasonable action camera with some extra batteries will work. From my understanding it’s a big plus if it has GPS since that wont require the phone to be connected to the camera during the entire day.

You’ll find used Garmin VIRB several models on ebay, also some GoPro Hero have GPS.

I use GoPro 7 and also Garmin Virb Elite, and phone for emergency.
Gopro is the best choice for quality.
If you have already gopro 3 you can use it in timelapse photo mode (buy more new battery or charge it from powerbank). If it doesnt have built in GPS its possible to record GPX on other device (phone or GARMIN gps nav) and then synchronize it. Simplest way is to buy used gopro with gps built in.

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