Millions on 4 weeks

In my life there are few things that come in millions.
4 weeks ago when in the weekly digest that I had contributed over a quarter of a million images in a single week, that got me to thinking.
My goal for the last month (4 weeks ) has bern to go out and capture at least 250,000 imagrs each week.
Today is the last day of my self imposed challenge.
I woke this morning, with 24 hours left, to find I had crossed the million images mark.
There have been a few who have been looking for images I posted that need deleting.
This is good. With Panoramio all pictures were judged and pictures not appropriate were refused.even with those few deleted, I gathered another 20,000 images today, I’m sure I’ll be over a million for the four weeks.


Do you have an exceptional good upload speed ?

When I’m home there is a cell tower almost within sight. I was lucky during this month to not spend too much time in areas with no cell coverage.
In the US Verizon now offers unlimited data. That means no more WiFi. I can upload any thine there is cell coverage.
We have a few spots with several cell towers were uploading goes very fast, but most of my just being able to continually upload, day and night, is how I get the very big numbers.
I can still see how much bandwidth I’m using. Where I used to be limited to 20 gigs per month I now use between 2 and 3 Tera bits, that’s 2000 to 3000 gigs per month.a

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