Mapillary Webinar: How to map a city with street-level imagery 🗺️

Join us for Mapillary Webinar: How to map a city with street-level imagery!

:spiral_calendar: Thursday, August 24 · 5 - 6pm BST

We’re hosting@stefdegreef who completed a project where he mapped all the streets of Brussels, Belgium using only his bicycle and GoPro MAX camera.

Reserve your spot here:


Dear Said,
Sounds interesting, but 5PM where, please?
Here we use the 24 hour clock, but that doesn’t clarify whether it’d be 17:00hrs in the Malmö, London or Boston (or any other) timezone : could you please elaborate?
And if the time were inconvenient : could one view later, please?

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@h4n5antw Thanks for the feedback, this time was retrieved form Eventbrite link. I updated the event date and time into post.


I am very excited to learn more about @Stefdegreef process.

Cheers from Oslo :norway:


This is the man who stepped in my foot trails.
I pioneered Brussels, but now it should be able to take care of its own.
I am only afraid of a Frenchman speaking English. I hope it sounds not too terrible.

This post says BST but Eventrbrite says CEST.
They differ one hour.

Sorry for the confusion @filipc 5 - 6pm BST/ 6 - 7 pm CEST.

We should do one event with you how to capture entire country, do you want to chat about it? @filipc

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Not really, I don’t have a computer camera nor a microphone.
I also see too much bad mapping, which makes me too negative.

Great, so between four and five I can make a picture of the latest defibrillator in the region.

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This is what I know

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Thanks for sharing this wiki page with us @filipc. Your contribution to OSM and Mapillary are super meaningful and this effort can be done also in other countries,

Will the recording be available? I signed up for the event but never received a zoom/teams link to access the live webinar.

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@srijneke Yes, we will share the recording shortly. I’m sorry to hear that you had an issue to receive an email on joining the event. I double checked that the email was sent to your address. I’m sending you an email to double check if the address was correct. Happy to help you in case you want to learn more about data collection.

Thank you all for your interest for our webinar. Here, you can find recording of the webinar.