Mapillary to Google Maps

Starting from the bookmarklet OSM<->MLY

I fabricated a GM<->MLY bookmarklet (in which the GM) stands for Google Maps.

The OSM Wiki seems inappropriate to house it.
The only little problem the bookmarklet has is that Google Maps has its own will about the zoom level.

So here it is =

(function() {
params = location.href.match(/\d{1,2}.\d+)&lng=(-?\d{1,2}.\d+)&z=(\d{1,2}.?\d*)/) ;
if (params != null) {“” + params[1] + “,” + params[2] + “,” + params[3] + “z”) ;
else {
params = location.href.match(/[a-z]{2,4}/maps/.*@(-?\d{1,3}.\d+),(-?\d{1,3}.\d+),(\d+.?\d{0,2})(a|m|z)/) ;
if(params!=null) {“"+params[1]+"&lng="+params[2]+"&z=”+params[3]) ;
else {
alert(“mapillary <-> google maps\nimpossible”) ;

Can anyone add the Google Streetview Coverage ?
Because that is what we want.

As expected this handy tool did not make it to the monthly Mapillary newsletter.

I did a pull request for the tools github.

This one slipped our attention @filipc. Thanks for highlighting it. @cbeddow have you seen this repo?