Mapillary Missions iOS Feedback

Hello to all! I am sharing again the blog post on Mapillary Missions. I am seeking feedback on your experiences.

First off: if you use Android and are interested in seeing Missions come to Android, please just leave a brief comment here confirming this. It is good to see how much demand there is.…/mapillary-missions-beta.html

Some iOS questions I wanted to ask to everyone:

  1. do you use an iOS/Apple device? (or Android/other where Missions is not available?)

  2. did you capture in Missions locations since the release?

  3. did you complete 100% of any Missions?

  4. do you see Missions nearby where you are, not too far away to go capture images? or too far away?

  5. Do you have any general feedback, complaints, comments, ideas about how to improve this or what you enjoy about it?

Thanks and I look forward to working on making this a good feature for the community. 🙂