Mapillary layer in OsmAnd

Some time ago, I made a more visual approach for a small area:

  • import the OSM data of the area into a PostGis database
  • download the Mapillary sequences within the area
  • import the sequences into the PostGis database
  • execute a spatial query that identifies the OSM ways not covered by Mapillary sequences.
  • export the result of the query to an OSM XML file
  • from the OSM file create a Garmin gmapsupp file

This allowed me to display the uncovered streets with QMapShack and on my Garmin device.

It sounds interesting, could you detail it more?
I’ve never used PostGis. How did you downloaded OSM and Mapillary data? What query did you use?
It would be nice to be able to make it reproducable for non technical users.