Mapillary layer in OsmAnd

Is it possible to use a Mapillary layer in OsmAnd? More specifically, a layer showing where there have been mapped.

OsmAnd is an Android app, that can use both online and offline OSM data. Is is very flexible and can both record a GPX track and show it along with other GPX tracks.

Combining this feature with a Mapillary layer, would allow me to always see where it would be best to map next. While mapping a virgin area OsmAnd works great, but if it is e.g. only mapped roughly, I end up redoing a lot of mapping.


I’d also like to have something like this. I even startet to code a “mapradar” using the API together with OpenLayers but the result was not so convincing. An app with a pseudo 3D view like in Ingress showing roads to be captured would be perfect, but a web map with GPS would also do.
Quite often I reallized later that if I had taken another way it would have been possible to get an unactured road, but in that moment I didn’t know because there is nothing like a “mapradar”.

In the app, when’s taking photos, clicking on the map icon.

That should be what you are looking for if I understand correctly

Besides from a bug, so it only shows in a tiny square, it lacks showing my current trace and it keeps the camera running. But I could take the time to file that bug and make some change requests. But a layer OsmAnd could use would be nice. Perhaps I should look into setting my own rendering server up - I am completely new on that area though.

I’d rather like to have something like the map in here: - on fullscreen and on high zoom level updated every some seconds to current location.

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I only know an out-dated Mapillary layer in osmand:{0}/{1}/{2}

Those tiles are not updated since a year or so…

A different approach is making GPX tracks with a python script:

With OsmandMapcreator I create a separate map from these GPX traces:

  1. import those tracks with JOSM, give them an existing tag that you dont need, for instance piste:type=downhill
  2. Convert the map.osm to map.obf with OsmandMapcreator,
  3. Copy map.obf to the osmand folder on your device.
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This has been discussed and filed as an issue in Github since last September at .

I (still) think that it’s an important feature that allows much more flexibility than the map-in-camera feature of the app for both planning and execution of mapillarying. On top of that the updating of the TMS layer that already exists but has simply not been updated since nearly a year ago allows all kinds of interesting analysis, which is not really possibly with the camera-in-app and that would be easier with this TMS layer than, say, downloading Mapillary images to JOSM and then working with that.

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A daily updated TMS layer would be great, where I need to sign for the petition? :wink:


They are starting it up, if you look at the defect. But it will always be good to go in and say “Great! I am looking forward to this too”, so they know the efford is highly requested :smile:

To sum it up: Please make a map that shows a dark streets layer with an overlayer showing already mapped tracks as green tracks and that centers to GPS position every some seconds. I need a map radar for my tablet to drive the roads not mapped yet. Thanks!

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Did it by myself now:


Nice work :smile:
Some comments for improvement:

  • Make a button to start and end GPS updating
  • Don’t update zoomlevel when you update position

I took the liberty to make some changes. I hope that is ok

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Sure, the code is also on GitHub, feel free to do whatever you like to. In fact it is just some code snippets I put together to fit my needs.
I’d rather like to use the new geolocation functions of OpenLayers3 as in this example and this will be the next thing before adding more controls.

What is the advantage over the html5 geolocation function?

I don’t know - but when I use the OL3 framework then I think it is logic for me to use the feature provided in that. My version is now updated with the supposed changes under the same link.

We are actually working on a “route planner” for Mapillary which would allow you to choose e.g. “get me from A to B along the roads least mapped”. Or most mapped, for those who are looking for routes that they can preview. Still needs some work before releasing though.


@katrin, if you want someone to test it out on a real road trip, let me know!

BTW, a useful feature for that route planner would be an adjustable “age limit” so that someone could select (e.g., via a slider) how much weight to put on older sequences when selecting a route. That is, I could select that sequences older than 6 months receive an increased priority (also adjustable) for a planned route to get updated photos.

Of course, this would be for a version 3.x or something like that, not the initial release!

@JackTheRipper thanks for the input! I’ll write down this idea, indeed it would be useful. Also, we hope to provide you something to test soon! :slight_smile: