Mapillary for ArcGIS Online?


I am attempting to download the Mapillary for ArcGIS Online plugin but the page leads to a 404 error (see article https:// help.mapillary. com/hc/en-us/articles/115001777545-Mapillary-for-ArcGIS-Online and contained link)

Browsing through the ESRI ArcGIS Online marketplace gives no results searching for Mapillary.
I was able to download the Mapillary plugin file for ArcGIS Pro Desktop but can’t find out how to get the plugin for ArcGIS online. How can I go about getting it?


Dear @adventurediscoverer,

Arcgis is beyond my skills, read : first, that page is dated ‘4 years ago - updated’ ; then, in the summer of 2021 Mapillary upgraded the API from v.3 to v.4 ; from the forum learned this broke queries, login credentials / keys , plus for example picture references were ‘converted’ to a new template , which in turn broke mapillary references in Open Street Map : it might (or not, that’s beyond my ken) turn out that the Arcgis plugins haven’t been ‘converted’ yet - given that I don’t recall posts on the Arcgis plugin being updated (searched, spot : Is the ArcGIS Web Appbuilder widget no longer supported? [Solved] ) ; that the most recent comment below the help article is dated ‘1 year ago’ …

met vriendelijke groet,