Is the ArcGIS Web Appbuilder widget no longer supported? [Solved]

I can’t seem to find the web appbuilder custom widget in the ESRI marketplace anymore? I have it downloaded and installed on our portal, but it takes a ‘client_id’ to run properly, which doesn’t conform to the new Mapillary api in which client tokens/client secret is used. Am I missing something? I had an old client_id from the old API that I was able to use in my WAB widget, but is this really something that is going away?

My whole push was to be able to use this widget on my city’s existing web appbuilder applications.

I have the same question. I started using Mapillary to integrate photos in our ArcGIS maps, and got so far as uploading a few local roads, but then found all links from Mapillarys website to ArcGIS Marketplace resolve in a 404.

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Apologising for late follow up on this post. @nick @NKSamferdsel Latest version of ArcGIS WAB and Pro Add in are available on this link I hope it helps.